Senin, 01 Oktober 2012

Dark Side

Hai readers, this week i love use something black and dark, but i don't know the reason of that :D
So, i prefer to use Top with black color, hat black, pants black, shoes black, everything is black ! haha
I'm inspired by 'Dark Side' song
'Everybody have a dark side'
I have my dark side too and i'm interpretation it to fashion :D
By the way if you like my crop top you can buy it in this shop

Jenneth Clothingline
BB pin : 281a2396

I hope this outfit and my information can give you some inspiration and i'm sorry if there is some mistake in my word :D
I Adore "Adorable Fashion" , "Adorable Person" in an Adorable World


Top - Jenneth Clothingline

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