Minggu, 30 Desember 2012

DIY Studded Collar

Nowadays collar has become a trend and have a wide variety of decoration. 
We also can make our own decoration and it’s not hard to do. :D

1. To Simplify the process, Prepare all the necessary ingredients

2. Prepare The Studded

3. Prerpare The Collar

4. Before you start making the decoration, shape the collar & imagine the decoration like you want.           

5. If you already have an idea, Now it’s time to make the decoration. Studded stick on the collar & doesen’t need a strong afford, because it’s very easy . But you must still be careful that your fingers are not punctured.
Tadaaa! Done! For those of you who like a simple decoration, one way is to put down the studded on the end of the collar

 For those of you who are not so fond of decoration simple, you can make your own decoration the example like this.

I hope this DIY can give you an inspiration to make your own decoration :D
Good Luck Guys :D