Rabu, 20 Maret 2013

Army Part 2

Good Bye Paris...
Unfortunately i'm not the winner of Galaries Lafayette Jakarta. Congrats for the winner :D
Even i'm not the winner, but i still happy, because i have new experience and new friends.
I love making friends :D

About my outfit today, i'm wearing jacket army with mini dress.
I love this dress so much! i now this is a simple dress,but when i wear it i feel more thinner haha.
I don't wanna make it to girly, so i mix the dress with the army jacket and studded shoes.

I hope this outfit and my information can give you some inspiration and i'm sorry if there is some mistake in my word :D
I Adore "Adorable Fashion" , "Adorable Person" in an Adorable World


Hat - China
Army Jacket - Bangkok
Studded Shoes - Adorable Project Indonesia

Kamis, 07 Maret 2013


Finally new posting!
I wish i have Doraemon so i don't have to worry about my home work.

By the way, i'll be at Galerieslafayette Jakarta Final Stage tomorrow :D
Hopefully i can get the price to go to  Paris!
Thank You God for make me to the Top 10, Thanks to my Family and Friends who already give me a vote :)

Wish me luck tomorrow :D