Jumat, 25 Oktober 2013

Flat Shoes Is My Friend

1st day at Singapre
I actually rarely wearing flat shoes. But flat shoes are my friend when i'm traveling.
On that day I decided to use flat shoes because I knew I was going to walk a lot.
I still want to look fashionable when i'm wearing flat shoes, 
so I chose Wakai as my flat shoes. I think Wakai is a stylish flat shoes.

Yellow Vest Jeans - Vrouw
Barbie Necklace - Adorable Project Indonesia
Shoes - Wakai
Tribal Bag - Cotton On
Yellow Round Sunglasses - Mango

MICA Building

This is the first time I went to Clarke Quay.
There are very many restaurants with a variety of foods and there is a mall across the Clarke Quay,
so if you did not really like the food there, you can search for food in the mall.
there is not only a restaurant, but there is also a river cruise. A ship that will take you around the river
Btw, There is one kind of food that makes me interested. turqi ice cream.
You not only buy ice cream, but you will get a bonus from the seller.
He will work on you before you take away ice cream. :D

Restaurant that will attract men :D

MICA Building at night

Selasa, 15 Oktober 2013

Enjoy The Simple Thing In Life

Yeaay! I found a new spot at Pantai Indah Kapuk . This place is not crowded and pretty good too.
But i suggest not  to come at noon, because it's blazing hot.
This park is near Regina Celi Church.

Lace Crop Top - New Look
Boots - Jeffrey Campbell
Circle Sunglasses -  New Look

I love to meet new people and this is my 1st time i met them. They are very nice
Anddddd... Narsis!, like me :D haha
Btw i know this is a very late post ( rada basi :D ) and i'm so sorry for that :D
Very Late Post - Sorry :D

Nova - Bernadette Czle - Avellia

Selasa, 01 Oktober 2013

Safari In Here

My outfit is inspired by Indiana Jones and Safari Fashion. 
Btw this is my 1st time i'm not playing much with color. 
I hope is not boring for you guys :D

Panama Hat - Bali
Cream Clutch - C&K
Brown Heels - C&K