Selasa, 21 April 2015

Officialy Graduated!

Yeay! I'm officialy graduated and this is my outfit for my graduation ceremony. The designer name is Natalia Kiantoro, her collections are amazing! By the way, I'm planning on studying makeup next month. Why? because I only can use eyeliner and shading on my cheek for my makeup and My goal is  to be able to draw my eyebrows :D Hopefully I can find the teacher. 

Selasa, 14 April 2015

Trust me you can dance - Vodka

This friday I will have graduation ceremony, yeay finally! I can't wait. 
And......this saturday I will have a party at club with my friends, wohoo! The last time I have a party at the club is last year. Actually, I only have one party last year because I didn't get permission for clubbing  from my parents easily :(. That's why I'm so exiceted and I already prepare my dress haha! Are you also prepare your dress when you are going to the club? or maybe I just overreacting :D. I also think that I'm more excited about the party than the graduation, so weird right? Well, I'll party hard this saturday, see u at my next post :D