Minggu, 29 Juni 2014

Time Is Precious. Waste It Wisely

"Time Is Precious. 
Waste It Wisely"

Now, I really hope that time in one day could be more than 24 hours. Why? because I need more time to finish my final project and pursue dateline. Soon, I'll have my own brand and the name of my brand is BIZARRE. I can't wait to launch my brand :D

By the way, you see what I got here? I've just recieved my new gift from  DANIEL WELLINGTON . Who doesn't know DANIEL WELLINGTON? It's a luxurious brand for watch with a "preppy" trends and designs, perfect leather, and (of course) have  a high quality products. Their also selling some wristband, which also match with your watch.
Besides that, what I love the most from DW's watches is; you can buy their straps only. They have so many variations also, various colors too! So if you feel bored with the one you wearing today, you can buy another straps and voila! Different straps for different mood.
Curious much? Go visit their website : www.danielwellington.com now and drool more!

Flower Crop Top - Bershka
Sheer Curtain Pannel Skort - Chocochip
Leather Hat - Zara
Black Bag - Tory Burch
Black Leather Chain Necklace - Forever 21
Black Leather Classic Sheffield Lady Watch - DANIEL WELLINGTON

Minggu, 15 Juni 2014

Everything On Earth Is A Game. A Passing Thing. We All End Up Dead. We All End Up The Same, Don't We - PELE

"Everything On Earth Is A Game. 
A Passing Thing. We All End Up Dead. 
We All End Up The Same, Don't We?" 

World Cup has already begun, yeay!. Actuall, I'm not really following soccer game, but I like to watch the game with my friends. Watching soccer game with friends are very fun and exciting, we can shouted at the same time during a tense moment. By the way, have you seen J-lo performance at the world cup opening ceremony? I'm falling in love with her outfit and she's look hot! I wonder, which artist will perfom at world cup closing ceremony, my guess is shakira.Well, I hope you will get a great time, with your friends or family during watching the game :D

Soccer Cap - aw_wardrobe
Soccer Blazer -   aw_wardrobe
Black Low  V-neck crop top - Bershka
Purple Choker - Topshop
The Elysian Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell