Selasa, 31 Desember 2013

Started The New Year With Black - Happy New Year 2014 :D

Hopefully in this new year, we can be a better person and be happier.
In 2014 I have one goal that I have to achieve, that is to have more muscular body.
I have signed up at golds gym with a one-year contract and I've promised to be consistent this time.
Pray for me guys :D 

Btw, my pictures were taken by  Universitas Multimedia Nusantara Students  for their project.
One group consisted of  5 people, they are Paula Christianti, Vinna Andriani, Levisya Airine, 
Venny Febrianti, Myrnia Cynthia. Even though this photoshoot is challenging, because I have to wear this dress at Kota Tua, but it was wort it, they got 9! yeayyy :D

Black Studded Sunglasses - Bonniedegio Courto
Crystal Transparent Necklace -  KLAR (Lasalle Student)
Black Tule Dress - Ask 
Leather Gloves - Romwe
Black Boots - Rotelli

These sunglasses are given by my boyfriend :D
At that time, I was in fashion x change at EX mall and I saw these sunglasses.
I instantly fell in love and want to buy it. But, I just bought new shoes, then I decided to postpone it.
When we were in the restaurant, my boyfriend asked permission to go to the bathroom, because he wanted to poop :D. When he got back, He brought the sunglasses that i wanted to buy. He's so sweet >.<

Kamis, 19 Desember 2013

My Traditional Is Modern

Crop Long Sleeve Top - Editor's Market
Boots - Charles & Keith
Purple Diamond Necklace -H&M
Ikat Pants - White&Stripe

Clothing with traditional print, mostly used with by vintage style. 
However, the vintage style is not my style. That doesn't mean vintage style is not a good style :D, 
all style is good. But vintage style just does not fit with me.
So this is my interpretation when i'm wearing traditional print. :)

Rabu, 11 Desember 2013

OOTD INDO Gathering

Flower Crop Top - Bershka
Flower Legging - Bershka
Long Sleeve Net - Nassi Goreng Keju
Earrings - New Look
Shoes- Brasco
Studded Backpack - Bershka

Last saturday i went to FX Mall to attend 1st OOTD INDO Gathering held by Jakarta Fashion Market. 
I was so happy to attend this gathering, because i can meet up with the others blogger 
and have a new friends, they are very nice and friendly. 

OOTD INDO  have a goal to elevate the fashion street style in Indonesia and now they have started to be known by people. I am very curious about the person behind ootd indo and in this event i had the opportunity to meet with the founder of OOTD INDO.

The Founder of OOTD INDO is Loren & Erick

Selasa, 03 Desember 2013

1994-Story Of My Life

i'm officially 19 years old! Yeayy :D
I am very grateful, because God still gives me a chance to live and become a better person.

1994 was the year i was born and the story of my life is begins.
When i was in primary school and junior high school, i don't have confidence like i've got now.
I assume that i was the ugliest between my friends, because i don't have a white skin and wearing braces.
I tought, if you want to look beautiful, you've got to have a white skin. 
So, i started to accept that i was not pretty.

When i went to high school and watching America's Next Top Model,  I became more confident.
Tyra Banks is make me become confident. Because of her, my perceptions about beauty is changed.
She said that you don't have to have a white skin to looks beautiful. We are beautiful, as long as we have a healthy skin and a healthy body :D

Black Long Sleeve Crop Top - Bershka
1994 Red Skirt - H&M
Black Sleek Widebrimmed Fedora - Forever 21
Necklace - Antyk Butyk
Leather Gloves - Mango
Boots - Rotelli

Necklace - Antyk Butyk

Hi guys :D
(It's about Ron's Laboratory)