Senin, 25 November 2013

There Is A Blue Sky Waiting Behind The Clouds

Beanie - Bershka
Black Dress - H&M
Hooded Outer Cloudisity - Argyle & Oxford
Yellow Vest Jeans - Vrouw
Lita Lace Shoes - Adorable Project Indonesia 

Lasalle Friend

Moth Jewellery is one of my favorite local brand.
These accessories are made from colored pencils and they have a various of design.
I was amazed with this brand, it's so creative and unqie.
I forgot the necklace price, maybe around Rp300.000.
Maybe for some people, the price is expensive for accessories,
 but i'm willing to pay because the design is very unique. 

Ommyco Necklace - Moth Jewellery

Nuxos Rings - Moth Jewellery

Senin, 18 November 2013

OOTD - Outfit Of The Day

is the most famous hashtag nowaday and when i found this top at manggadua,
 I bought this top without thinking twice :D

Tribal Bag-NewLook
Sunglasses-Singapore store
Black Camo Socks - Suitblanco
Sneaker Wedges - NewLook

Hi Check my Food Blog here The Fat Factory :D

Food Blog

Rabu, 06 November 2013

P For Putri

 This is my 2nd outfit at singapore and i was at orchard.
When my father took this picture i feel a bit shy, because everyone who passing by is looking at me >.< 
So, i moved to a less crowded place and not to be seen by people directly :D

Cap "P"- Pull&Bear
Stripe Dungaree - Elbelle
White Long Sleeve Crop Top - New Look
Shoes - Brasco Puncak
Skull Yellow Clutch - Singapore

I bought this hat at Pull&Bear and Since we have same initials name, so i bought it :D

This is my first time sleep at Marina Bay, so i did a lot of  narcissistic photo :D.
By the way, i amazed with this hotel, so cool! :D