Rabu, 31 Juli 2013

Just Do It - Nike

Lately I started to get more exercise.
I feel  becomes more fresh and i wanna keep this habit and it's hard :D
Maybe my new habit is also influence my style, i become more sporty than usual
This is my last minute mix, hope you'll like it :D

Pink Dress - H&M
Sneakers - Nike
Rings - Diva

I have this shoes since i'm in junior high school 
and  at that time I never tought that sneakers will become a trend.  :D

Rabu, 10 Juli 2013

Give A Girl The Right Shoes & She Can Conquer The World - Marilyn Monroe

Pink Blazer - Chicas Closer
Pink Bustier - Forever21
Purple Highwaist Pants - The Editor's Market
Boots Zoom in Black Gold Floral   - Jeffrey Campbell
Dinosaurus Clutch - Mannequin Plastic

This is my first JC ( Jeffrey Campbell ) shoes. I'm Falling in love with the pattern and the glass.
Because JC i became a shoes holic :D, especially with statement shoes.
I hope JC will open their own store in Jakarta. I will be crazy :D