Minggu, 23 September 2012

When Old Stuff Meet The New One

Yesterday i went to Central Park Mall (again :D) . I watched Ted Movie . That movie is so great! Makes me laughing all the time :D . Teddy Bear supposed to be cute like a child, but this one is so different! This Ted act like an adult man :D.
In that day, i'm wearing a mustard dress and my boyfriend wearing the same color like me but we are not plan that :D . Sometimes, when i wanna call him, he call me too at the same time. This often happens . Maybe we have a strong chemistri :D
I'm wearing a dress from Chrsoberil Shop . I love the dress, is so like me :D especially the back of the dress. I bought my studded cap with this shop too :D
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I hope this outfit and my information can give you some inspiration and i'm sorry if there is some mistake in my word :D
I Adore "Adorable Fashion" , "Adorable Person" in an Adorable World


Dress - Chrsoberil Shop

My boyfriend :D

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  1. wow .. what a dress .. soo stunning !! love ittt :)

  2. I love your dress and your shoes dear <3
    sorry, but I can't find your name in my followers list.
    can you follow me again? thankyou.
    I'm following you now :)


    1. Thankyou so much dear :D
      i already unfollow and follow u again dear :D
      thankyou for following mE :D

  3. wooow i love your outit ! especially your dress !