Minggu, 09 September 2012

Girly Green

Hi readers, i'm back :D . I'm really happy with my pictures because there is a sunshine in my pictures. That's sunshine makes my pictures more beautiful. Actually, i'm not really good in editing photo, that's why i'm so happy :D. My mood in that day is girly and i wanna do something different . Usually i never use something green but i try to be different and different is not so bad. Green is cute in me haha :D
So, i hope you will never be afraid to be different, sometimes you need to be different :D

I hope this outfit can give you some inspiration and i'm sorry if there is some mistake in my word :D
I Adore "Adorable Fashion", "Adorable Person" in an Adorable World

10 komentar:

  1. cantik! >_<
    suka sepatunyaaaaa ♥

  2. very lovely! the socks and green mary janes are amazing.


  3. hiiii :) hows your day? thanks for leaving me a lovely comment on my blog :) i think this post is so inspiring <3 love the outfit!

    1. great dear :D
      Your welcome dear
      Your blog is inspiring too :D
      thanks for visit my blog :D