Senin, 27 Agustus 2012

Back to School

Holiday is over.It's time to come back to school .
Talking about school, i'm just graduated from High School, no more uniform, Horayyy! :D
Hari gini pake seragam? Lol :D
But i love high school, there's so much experience in high school and i don't wanna change anything, even the bad thing.
So i'm just imagine if i can wear my own style to go to school, i'll use this outfit.
I bought the cloths and the hat last month at Bangkok. But i bought the shoes 2 months ago on facebok (online shop) the brande name is Adorable Projects Indonesia.

By the way this is my first blogg :D and  i wanna say thanks to my friends Norita who already help me to make this blog and to Vina (
who already take a picture of me.

I hope my blogg and this outfit can give you some inspiration and i'm so sorry if there is some mistake in my word :D

I Adore "Adorable Fashion", "Adorable Person" in an Adorable World


Shoes - Adorable Project Indonesia

3 komentar:

  1. This is seriously awesome !!

  2. kalo boleh tau, topi kaya gitu belinya dimana ya? sering liat orang pake lucu bangeet, tp ga pernah ketemu haha :D